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We are a First® FTC robotics team. This is our second year competing. Please enjoy browsing the website!

  • Teamwork

    We always work as team. Our team consists of 11 people, and we always work together and brainstorm together!

  • Outreach

    For outreach, we do many different things. One major one being our Cat Video festival. This year we are expecting over 600 people! Cat Video Festival

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    Dont' forget to follow us on your favorite social media's! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram! So, show your support by following us!

  • About Us

    Short Circuits

    We are Team 9182 Short Circuits from Eastview High School, Apple Valley, MN. Our team consists of 11 people, with four members returning from the 2014-2015 season. Last year we were just a small rookie team, this year our team has doubled and we are working together in the best possible way to utilize each person’s talents and skills. Eastview Lightning RTC consists of three teams, all have returning team members, mentors and coaches. This year we are focused more than ever to to display Gracious Professionalism, learn how to use technology in new ways, create a competitive robot, explore STEM careers and reach out to the community with a variety of outreach and fundraising events. The Team

    From our Blog

    Friday, November 13, 2015


    Hey guys sorry for not posting for a while but i thought it would be a good time to inform all of you that we have our first competition tomorrow (11/13/15). We are excited but are nervous at the same time. We are working out some final issues we are having with the robot, but hopefully we will have a robot that will work for tomorrow competition.
    -Robert Beane

    Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    Working on the robot for our first competition!

    Hello all, we have been hard at work on our robot for this year. This years game is not as easy as last years but we will get through it. We already have ideas for our intake system but we are still stumped on our movement method. More to come in the future.

    Saturday, September 26, 2015

    Official Bug Tracker


    Welcome to the official bug tracker forum post. Here you will find out what the current bugs are and the ones we already fixed. Hopefully this post wont get much use, but if does, o well.

    To submit a bug report, please fill out the contact form on the right. Thank you



    Welcome to the new site!


    We have been working on this site for some time now, and were happy to say that we are finally done with the majority of it! Since this so new, there might be bugs. So, if you find any bugs on this site, please check out the bug tracker post here. Thank you for your cooperation as we get this thing all nice and neat.

    -Robert B.
    Website owner and head Driver and Builder

    Friday, September 25, 2015

    Old Posts

    All of these posts are from last season!

    We are attempting to move everything over to the new site.



    Welcome to our website! We are very happy to see you here! We are still working on this site, so there is not much stuff on here. Please be patient as we work on filling this thing out more.

    Thank you for understanding

    -Robert (Website creator/Builder)



    Hey guys, We finally got a working and better (in my opinion) live chat for the blog. It can be found on the page that is named live chat. So go chat and have fun

    -Robert B.


    Hey guys, I've spent a little while putting this together, but i finally got it working! We know have a nice snow falling on our front page! We also put a nice, classic song for the holidays! I hope you guys enjoy.

    -Robert B.


    First competition tomorrow December 6th! We're very excited!
    -Sarah P.

    WE WIN!!!

    Short Circuits have won their first ever round in their first FTC on the first match of today's competition! We're very excited!!!!


    So its that time of year again, time to build and design this years robot. We have started research and designing for this year, and so far its going well. We also have some new members and lost some old members. But this year should be good

    Robert B.