The Team


Coach Chip Bergquist
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Parent Mentor: Elizabeth Townley
Mrs. Townley is parent to member, Joseph Townley. Our experience with USFIRST and Robotics started last year working on Cascade Effect. Mrs. Townley comes to this group as a NEMO, offering help with the Business side, assisting with writing, fundraising and presentation skills. Also, she enjoys offering the team personal support and yes, a few snacks! Mrs. Townley had 11 years of Technical Support with DowAgroSciences and Delta Airlines. With an industrious career in Communications, her focus is now teaching, writing and sales.

Parent Mentor: Mike Carter
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Team Members

Sam Ziemann
Sam is a Sophomore at EVHS. He joined last year when this team was a rookie team and continued to do it this year. He is a programmer as well as a strategist for this years team. Sam enjoys learning the game and brainstorming ideas on how we can do well in the competition, as well as being able to learn the new programming and hardware this year.

Joseph Townley
Joseph Townley is part of first robotics on team 9182. He is 15 years old and is a sophomore at Eastview High School. Joseph is currently in the Boy Scouts of America. He is interested in engineering and hopes to help his team built their robot. Joseph Townley hopes to practice gracious professionalism. He is excited to be part of first robotics.

Robert Beane
Robert is a sophomore at Eastview High School. He has been a part of FTC for two years now. He also has some experience with FLL. He runs the website for the team and is the head builder. He also designed the teams’ logo. Outside of robotics, he enjoys hunting and going camping. Some other activities he participates in are, Trap League and Boy Scouts. He also likes a good cheeseburger!

Hadley Ott
Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the thought-to-be Goddess brings a new way of eastern thinking to the team. An active participant of the school drumline, the freshman offers a mature set of new ideas to the team. A veteran of future cities competition from middle school, she already has experience working with the other freshmen on the team, as well as taking the upperclassmen advice and thoughts into account.  

Keran Han
Keran Han is 15 years old and is a sophomore at Eastview High School. She enjoys reading and listening to classical music. She also plays clarinet in her school’s marching band. Two years ago he parents signed her up for her first programing class, Python, and thus began her passion for programming. She is the team lead for the Short Circuits and also one of the main programmers. Her enthusiasm for learning keeps her busy and excited for every meeting.

Jacob Grawe
I am a freshman at Eastview High School. I have participated in marching band and I play the alto saxophone. I was born in March, 2001. This year I hope to learn this as a trade and a skill for the future. I also hope to acquire new skills concerning building a robot. I like legos, mtg, and school.  I aspire to become an engineer.

Mohamed Arab
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Rachel Gantz
Rachel Gantz is a freshman at Eastview High School. She enjoys reading and listening to music. She is currently in marching band. She got interested in programming by a programming class she took in 2012. She wishes to learn more about programming. She hopes to challenge herself and to have fun.

Austin Bodin
Austin Bodin is a freshman at Eastview High School. There are few things that he enjoys more than playing his trumpet. He’s a member in the marching band and will likely continue to be for the rest of his years at Eastview. Robotics has always seemed fascinating to him, everything from the designing, to the building and  programing. He knows of the frustration that can come with designing and building with a team, yet hopes to enjoy the experience anyway. Overall he hopes to learn.

Justin Khanhkeo
Justin Khanhkeo is a sophomore at Eastview High School and he is currently 15 years old. His hobbies includes soccer, listening to music, and biking. He is also a rookie and just started this year. He is interested to learn more about the robotics world. Engineering is one of his possible career choices and Robotics is a good choice to learn some of those skills.

Hannah Maag
Hannah Maag is a freshman at Eastview High School and is 15 years old. She enjoys volleyball and plays the flute in the Eastview freshman band. Experienced in FLL and new to FTC, she hopes to learn more about the competition and programming.


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